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Top 10 Gynaecologist in Whitefield (Sushila Clinic)

Top 10 Gynaecologist in Whitefield

Doctors are important for our healthy society. Gynaecologist are important for women health. Women are an important part of human population. They are actually the bearer of the new breed. Shouldn’t we take special care of women? Surely you may agree with it. Women need care and medical guidance throughout their life cycle.

There can be so many complications that may require a specialized Doctor-Gynaecologist- who focusses on women’s health related to her reproductive system. they need to deal with a wide range of problems and issues. women can have problems and issues at any age of her life whether 16 or 60…. Starting with……

  1. Adolescent health
    Its an old saying that -if you take good care of the young sapling, it will grow into a strong tree. Same is true for women. If the young girls are given positive and right information about their sexual health, they can take good care of themselves and become strong women and mothers.
    There are many misconception and improper information that needs to be corrected. If there is any problem regarding the menstrual cycle, the mothers should bring their girls to a Gynaecologist for check-up.

  2. Menstrual disorders and contraception
    Girls and women can equally suffer acute pain during periods. They may have irregular periods. All these can be addressed by a Gynaecologist. Many of them are unaware of the precautions and contraceptives used to prevent pregnancy. They must know, since it not keeps them safe against STD-sexually transmitted disease, but also unwanted pregnancy.

  3. Pre-conception counselling
    As couples enter into their married life pregnancy is a natural occurrence. However, some good counselling by a Gynaecologist, can help them enjoy and lead a happy married life. The counselling also helps to plan for a pregnancy. The woman get to know how to prepare her body for a healthy pregnancy.

  4. Routine Pregnancy care
    Pregnancy is a very delicate journey for a woman. Even if everything is normal, she needs to take good care of herself regarding-food, diet, exercise. Immunization and the supplements and regular check-up.

  5. Pregnancy with thyroid/diabetes/anaemia
    Pregnancy can be complicated, and the pregnant lady can suffer from diabetes or thyroid. Although she may not be suffering before pregnancy. Special care in terms of diet and medicine is required to handle these problems. Anaemia or low haemoglobin is one of the problems faced by many women.

  6. High risk pregnancy care
    A woman may be at a high risk from the very day of conception to delivery. She may need 24/7 care and inspection. A Gynaecologist sees to all her needs and tries to manage the risk and carry out pregnancy efficiently under her care.

  7. Infertility
    While pregnancy is a beautiful gift to woman, not all women may be lucky to get pregnant. Some women suffer the problem of infertility. They may not be able to conceive or retain pregnancy after third month. A Gynaecologist, inspects and finds the adequate solution for the couples.
    She may suggest artificial insemination, and the process has to be completed under her surveillance.

  8. Various diseases and complications in the reproductive organs
    A woman may suffer from fibroids, cysts, infection in the reproductive organ, problems in uterus. The women may need to undergo operation to remove cyst or uterus. She may need to take some tests and check-ups. A Gynaecologist suggest the course of action needed to be taken after performing various tests.

  9. Menopause care
    Menopause is the natural stopping of periods in women after the age of 45 years. Although it may seem a natural process, but it involves hormonal change; that may lead to emotional problems like depression. Woman must consult Gynaecologist and take adequate measures to handle the hormonal imbalance.
    Its best to consult Gynaecologist, who are near to your place. If you are staying in and around Whitefield, you must consult one of the Top 10 Gynaecologist in Whitefield. Dr. Hira Mardi is one of the Top 10 Gynaecologist in Whitefield, who is proficient and skilled in handling all the issues related to female reproductive organ.
    So, if you have an enquiry or wish to book an appointment, do call us or fill the form. We care for you…...and your health……